Monday, November 18, 2013

Adventures in Parenthood: A Monsters Inc Nursery

Aaron and I have been working on this room since July. And while it is "done", I don't think it will ever really be finished. I am always thinking of something I can add! Throughout the course of this pregnancy we have been absolutely blessed by the generosity of friends and family! Many of their generous, wonderful gifts is what make's Baby P.'s Nursery so adorable. Here you go! (If you want details on where we got all this cool stuff, jump to the bottom!) So, here it is... E's Monsters Inc Nursery!

Here are some details:
  • The wall colors are Behr Jazz Blue and Behr Grey. Both colors were available in low-emission, smell-less paint from Home Depot.
  • The furniture is the Sorelle Vista Couture collection, and was ordered from Buy Buy Baby. Be sure to order your furniture well in advance! We were told our furniture would take up to 15 weeks to arrive. Even after that, once we had it put together, it took a little while to "air" out.
  • Many of our wonderful Monster's Inc. items are available to purchase from Babies R Us. The four piece crib bedding set came with the crib blanket (hanging on the wall), the dust ruffle, a fitted sheet and a diaper stacker. (I don't have the sheet or the diaper stacker in the photo.) Other super awesome items from Babies R Us included the Mike & Sulley adorable lampthe Sulley Velour Changing Table Cover, the crib bumper, and the embroidered blanket hanging on the crib. And, of course, the super awesome upholstered Mike chair that I am sure little E will love as much as we do!
  • The rocking chair was my Mom's rocking chair from when I was a baby. (Yes, it is super old!) The super cute stuffies sitting proudly on the chair were all on clearance from the
  • The grassy green rugs and chevron-like fitted sheet are both from Target.
  • The artwork was all created on GIMP or Inkscape, based on things I saw on the Internet, with the Virserum frames from IKEA.
  • That fabulous Mickey Mouse diaper cake was hand-made by my parents and my sister. It will sit proudly on his dresser as we slowly but surely use the diapers it is made from! Each layer is a different size diaper. Isn't that cool!?
If you have any questions, please let me know! I am happy to help! :) Enjoy!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Adventures in Parenthood: Nursery Inspiration

Photo from Babies R Us
In preparation for Baby Plattner, Mr. Plattner and I have been working very hard to turn the former computer room/home office into the baby's room! (YAY! It is so fun to say that!) But before we can truly transform the room, we needed a plan... a decorating plan! So today I am going to share with your our Nursery Inspiration!

After looking through tons and tons of baby websites and stores, there was only one baby nursery set that I really liked. And, wouldn't you know it, it's Disney. (No surprises there, am I right?) Babies 'R Us features a new Monsters Inc. bedding set for nurseries, and I absolutely love it.

This set was our springboard. But going hard-core Monsters was just too easy -- there were a lot of pieces of the set I loved, and some I thought were a little over the top. So over the course of the last few weeks, I have been gathering a few items for an overall nursery inspiration, with Monsters Inc. undertones!

Mike Wazowski Slippers, Circo Sleepers, Monsters Inc Blanket, Sulley Stuffy, Grey Polka Dot Blanket

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Adventures in Parenthood: Halfway!

This week marked the 20 week point in my pregnancy. We are halfway to holding the baby in our arms!

I have been really very lucky to have had a pretty easy pregnancy thus far. The first trimester was almost too easy... many days I still wondered if I was even pregnant! Other than the need to eat every two hours to avoid feeling a bit queasy, I was blessed to not experience morning sickness. The worst part was not telling the world for the first twelve weeks! I am not a very good secret-keeper. Every once in a while I get a brutal sinus headache, which I just kind of let ride with some non-medicinal stuff. That is hard knowing a little bit of medicine would cure the headache almost immediately. For a while, I do think I might have experienced pregnancy rhinitis since my nose runs... a lot! Second trimester brought me some extra energy that was severely lacking in the first trimester. And there is a slight annoyance with the pressure in my left ear; it basically feels like I can hear and feel my heart beat within my ear. But overall -- So far, so good! I certainly feel pretty blessed!

Within the last few weeks, I really think I can feel the baby moving around in there. Sometimes the pressure is pretty intense! Aaron is anxiously awaiting the day he can feel the baby move just by touching my belly. Luckily, my brother and sister-in-law let us borrow their home Doppler, so Aaron and I try and listen for the baby's heartbeat about once a week. It is so cool to see Aaron's face light up when he can hear the little heart pumping away!

I have been holding off on posting photos. I know some people are not particularly excited with ultrasound photos, while others are... so if you want to see them, here they are. If not... I won't be offended. :) With all of the ultrasounds we have had so far, the baby has been pretty cooperative and looks to be growing healthy and strong. Here are a few of my favorite shots of our little boy, Ethan!

Baby Plattner, 12 weeks,
Waving hello to the camera! 

Baby Plattner, 17 weeks & 4 days

Yes, I am a boy! No more pictures, please! 

Here is my foot. 

Ethan, 19 weeks & 5 days