Thursday, March 31, 2011

Adventures in Gettin' Married: Dress to Impress

Most girls dream of getting married. Each dream is a little different. But most dreams begin as we find Prince Charming and end as he matrimonially twirls us around, and dips us into a sweet and loving kiss, thus providing a perfect beginning to our new lives together as Prince & Princess Charming, or the Future Mr. and Mrs. Plattner, or {place you and your preferred partner here}. Each dream has a different setting and a different cast of characters. But in every dream, there is one thing that remains the same. THE DRESS.  

Just as any giddy, overly-excited, newly-engaged girl does -- I began searching for gowns immediately upon receipt of the ring. I mean, next to the ring, the dress is the most important thing, right? (Okay, fine, the groom is kind of important, too. Just kidding, Mr. Plattner. Seriously, I would get married in an orange burlap sack, if I had to, in order to marry you. Yes, burlap, which I imagine to be quite itchy. And you know how much I love orange. And being itchy.

As I searched for inspiration, I realized that my tastes had changed over the years. In the past, I wanted to be Belle as she walked down the stair-well to meet the Beast. I used to want the big, puffy princess gown. But I found I was not drawn to the bigger, more regal dresses. As I looked in magazines and online, I was intrigued by unadorned elegance. I found beauty in simplicity. 

I knew that in searching for my gown, I didn't want a lot of people there. I didn't want the parade of people some brides bring with them like you might see on television. I didn't need a posse of women to ooh and aah. I needed one or two sane and honest voices. I asked my mom and my matron of honor for assistance. On our first excursion, I didn't know what to expect. I knew that I needed to try on a variety of silhouettes. I knew that even though it wasn't my favorite on the hanger, things always look different draped on a woman's curves. 

With that said.... I tried on A LOT of dresses. Some things I put on and would take right off, not walking out of the dressing room... I just knew they were not for me. I giggled profusely at the sight of me standing there in a few of the dresses. There were a few gowns I really loved for one reason or another: I loved the bodice of one dress; I loved the train on another; I loved the silhouette of yet another. I even tried on a "Belle" dress. As soon as I put it on, I knew that it wasn't for me. And interestingly enough, I wasn't disappointed or saddened, I was excited to keep looking. 

On the same day we went to a second bridal boutique. I brought a printed copy of my 'Inspiration Page' and the ladies quickly got to work bringing me a variety of styles and dresses. One of our bridal assistants told us that a bride typically chooses the first dress or the last dress. I really, really liked the first gown. But... For me, it was the last dress. It was kind of funny because just prior to the last dress I tried on a gown I really liked. It was fashionable, it looked awesome, and it was down-right cheap. The assistant turned to me and said, "so I don't need to bring out the last one?" To which I replied that she should because it couldn't hurt to look at one more dress. That one additional dress turned out to be THE DRESS. This gown had everything I loved about the other dresses, beautifully combined in one gown. I was nervous. Here I was, yet again, taking the plunge on what seemed like a last-minute choice. I had only been trying on dresses for a few hours! I had only been to two stores! But, just as I had known with our venue, I knew that this was it. This was my dress. THE DRESS. 

Can you guess which dress it is? ♥

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