Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Adventures in Gettin' Married: Good Lookin' Groomsmen

Now that I had my dress, it was time to find something for Aaron to wear! ♥

When it came time to decide on the groomsmen's attire, we kinda/sorta went the easy route. Having purchased my dress through David's Bridal, it was easy enough to utilize their fraternal business, the Men's Wearhouse. Not only was it locally convenient for us to determine what we liked, but it would also be convenient for all of our groomsmen to get fitted all over the country, and Aaron needed to buy a new suit anyway... so in we went.

We found the people to be outstandingly helpful. I loved working with our sales-lady. She was saucy, and honest while being polite and fun. She was awesome! Not only did she help Aaron pick out not one, but two brand new handsome suits, she also helped us to design the attire aesthetic for our groomsmen. (Thank you, Buy-One-Get-One-Free Sale!) 

I was going to somehow photoshop Aaron's
head onto this body, but alas I am both
lazy and not particularly skilled
with Adobe® Photoshop®.
Wanting to stick with my color scheme (David's Bridal colors Capri, Cornflower and Horizon), our sales-lady immediately hooked us up with the coordinating groomsman gear. After looking through the look-book of hot model-dudes okay-looking guys in penguin suits, we realized that we had many choices.

Ultimately we decided on a classic black Calvin Klein (Concord) Two-button Tuxedo with a satin framed edge lapel for some pizazz.

Not wanting to go with cheesy pre-tied bow ties, we opted for the Bella Luna Euro Tie and Vest combination. We decided that the groomsmen would wear vests and ties in horizon blue. The dads would be featured in a lovely silvery, platinum vest. And finally, Aaron would highlight the handsome league of gentlemen in white.

This is going to be one good-lookin' group of guys. Hands off ladies -- the stud in white is mine! ♥

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