Thursday, June 21, 2012

Adventures in DIY: Using Ribbons to Hang Photo Frames

I got this idea from a friend of mine, while on a tour of her home before Bunco. I thought I absolutely had to do this with my wedding photos! I posted a picture of the finished project on my Facebook page, and some friends suggested I add it to Pinterest. But before doing that, I realized that I get super frustrated when people post things on Pinterest, with no link to directions on how to DIY! So, here are the steps I took to make this cute little frame display.

Materials Needed:
  • Curtain Rod    And its required accessories; we used a power drill, because my husband likes power tools
  • Three frames     I chose 8x10 frames that I got on clearance at TJ Maxx, with photos from our wedding
  • Sturdy Ribbon
        I used three different colors of 2" grosgrain ribbon I had left over from the wedding. 
  • A staple gun and staples

First, I enlisted the help of my husband to put up the curtain rod. He loves using power tools! The curtain rod we used was a random rod we used at the old house that would have been on the garage sale list if it weren't for this project. We decided that we wanted the rod to be pretty high up on the wall, so that the finished project would take up the majority of the wall. He used dry wall screws, so that the curtain rod could hold the weight of three fairly large and heavy wood frames. 

While he did that, I measured the distance from the curtain rod to the top of the headboard and cut six lengths of ribbon (two of each color) in double the measured length. Be sure to put your pictures in the frame first, as depending on how much you like to staple things, it might be difficult to change the photos out. I used several staples to secure the ribbon to the frame, on both the top and bottom edges. 

After that, I lined up the frames in the order I wanted them hanging, and we slid the curtain rod through the loop of the ribbon. I also had some leftover white pomander bouquet balls from the wedding, so I slid one of those through, between each frame. My handy tall husband simply held the curtain rod level and lifted it into the wall brackets. And we were done!

I think it turned out quite pretty! The possibilities are endless! Have fun! ♥

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