Thursday, August 2, 2012

Adventures in Teaching: Classroom Décor

With a new job, comes a new classroom. This time around, I have decided to go Classroom Couture with my decor.

If you are a teacher on Pinterest, you have no doubt seen the remarkable classroom stylings of School Girl Style. She created Classroom Couture… literally. She sells a variety of wonderful classroom decoration packets. It was from these lines, that I found inspiration.

I really wanted a more uniform and cohesive look this year. After a quick look in the local Lakeshore Learning, I was able to find a few things to build inspiration on. I knew that my new classroom was going to be a bit on the dark side (not very many windows), so I wanted nice bright colors. And, if you know me, you know I love polka dots. It might be a bit much — but here is my inspiration so far.

The current plan: black and white polka dots with splashes of yellow, hot pink, tealy blue, and a little pop of lime green.

Note from the author: this was my first attempt at making a layered collage. There are some issues. But, hey, it's a start! I used GIMP. Each one of those pieces is a separate layer. Everything but the polka dot background needed to be tweaked. It was wild. :) 

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