Sunday, August 12, 2012

Photo of the Week: Week 33

This week, I started at my new job, at my new school, with my new coworkers. It's been pretty awesome! I keep waiting for the ball drop, or the bad news, or something, because it seems far too good to be true.

The only down-side I can see so far is that I desperately miss my friends and co-workers back at CF. Desperately.

I was able to get into my room, and start moving my materials in. I could not have done it without the loving support (and manual labor skills) of my mom and husband. Truly, I am so blessed to be surrounded by such fabulous people.

For this week's photos, I decided to give you an Instagram-ed sneak peek of my classroom.


  1. You are going to be TERRIFIC and its the next GREAT NEW ADVENTURE for Kristina