Monday, December 31, 2012

Photo of the Week: Week 52

Thanks for watching my photo of the weeks for 2012. I must admit that I am a little bit sad that I was not able to accomplish a "Photo of the Week" for every week in 2012. I was really good about it to start -- and then, well, life happens. But I tried really hard, and had fun trying! Plus -- I have photos, I just never really got around to posting them. So for the final week of 2012, I have decided to post some photos that never made it to post...

But before I do... Have you been following my Photo of the Week posts? Is it something you think I should continue in 2013? What were your favorite photos? I would love your feedback! Post your thoughts as a comment on this blog (see comments below), and your name will be entered into a drawing for super-secret awesome prize! Please note that the winner will be randomly selected via a number generator and all comments must be posted directly to the blog (and not to Facebook or Google+.)

And here they are, folks. To conclude 2012, in no particular order, a posting of random photos!

My pretty little Ruby kitty. 
Albert watching my fun machine cut vinyl. 

Caramel centered chocolate cupcakes! 

So adorable! Hubby + Nephew = LOVE!

Braden, 5 months

Baby Shower Gift - Tutorial To Come

Baked Oatmeal Casserole
Not my favorite Pinterest Find 
Hubby's anniversary gift
Braden, nearly four months
Hubby and Nephew, five months

Mmm. The gift that keeps giving, a taster flight! 

First Anniversary - Celebrating with a SF Giants Win! 

Rawr. T-Rex loves peanut butter balls. 
Grandpa playing horsey for Braden, with Uncle Aaron holding on. 

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