Thursday, December 13, 2012

Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 1/2012

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me.... 

... A brand new dining set! 

Okay. He didn't buy it for me. We bought it for us

After doing some online research, I found a few dining sets that I liked (and could afford.) I then cross-searched the maker/designers of the sets I liked, and low and behold, we made our way to a furniture store not too far from home. 

I knew what I wanted, er, we knew what we wanted the minute  I we saw it. The store set up one specific table set, with another set of chairs, and we loved it. Nearly having a panic attack about whether or not I had researched it properly, we purchased the set immediately (thank you, no-sales-tax sale!) 

Today, my fabulous husband worked from home so the nice furniture dudes could deliver my new set. Isn't it purdy? It's the Homelegance Hawn style dining table, bench, and side server, and the Crown Point style chairs. 


And, yes, I will post photos of my own... once I clean my kitchen/dining room area. 
These photos will be replaced, soon. 

Or you could totally come over and see it! :) 

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