Thursday, January 31, 2013

Adventures in Fitness: Disneyland's Never Land Family Fun Run 5K

A few weekends ago, I was able to cross off something from my 35 by 35 list.

At 4:45 am, my mom, dad, husband and I lined up just outside of Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle to participate in the second annual Never Land Family Fun Run, a 5K run that takes participants through the magic of Disneyland Resort.  Shortly before 5:30, we were all treated to a small display of fireworks and Tinkerbell flying through the sky!

I was not able to take a bunch of pictures during the race. This was for several reasons. Reason #1 : You were supposed to maintain a 16 minute mile, or you would picked up by the carts of sadness. (Note to self: I did not see one cart of sadness, let alone anyone actually get picked up in one.) Reason #2: They had some pretty cool photo-op areas set up -- one for each mile marker, and several more stops with characters! But, I already felt like I was going too slowly, and I didn't want to wait in line just as I would during a regular Disney day -- so I kept on walking/jogging. Reason #3: Even when I did attempt to take photos, they did not turn out well. I don't know if it was me, my camera, or the fact that is was super dark and super cold. Regardless, my photos did not turn out well.

We did manage to get a few photos after we finished the race. Clearly we actually completed it, look at how run-down we all look! :)

We all finished the race in our matching blue running gear! :)

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