Saturday, February 23, 2013

Adventures in Washington, D.C.

In April 2012, Aaron and I met his parents in Washington, DC. Not only was it a chance to see our Nation's capitol, it also gave us the opportunity to visit with Aaron's Uncle Dan, and see all the sights of Aaron's mom's and Uncle Dan's childhood.

Our trip started off with a tour of Uncle Dan's current hometown, Reston, Virginia. One of the highlights was a walk through a local park with some fabulous flora and fauna.

As we made our way to the big city, we stopped at an old amusement park area. 

On our first day in our nation's capitol, we stopped to experience the Vietnam Memorial, 

and the Lincoln Memorial. 

We saw the Washington Monument from across the reflection pond, and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Monument up close.

We also got to see the childhood homes of Kathy and Uncle Dan.

The next day we made our rounds through various Smithsonian Museums. i spent so much time admiring the museums, I took very few pictures. But once of my favorite places was the Butterfly Exhibit... 

The next day we went to the Air and Space Museum. 

And on our final day, we toured the capitol building thanks to Kathy's local Iowa City representative. 

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