Monday, January 25, 2010

All The Things I Heart

For several years now, I have kept a list. These are things that might make me smile, or make me laugh. They are things that I love, and things that love me. They are things that help me to appreciate how wonderful life is.
 This list contains all of the things I ♥.
-Stolen kisses during long traffic lights

-Adventures with Aaron
-Happy songs
-Ice cream: all kinds especially with peanut butter cups
-Laughing, giggling, even laughing so hard you snort
-Clearing out clutter
-Horrible pick up lines
-Anything cheesy literally or metaphorically
-Coming home to a clean house
-Pretty purses
-Smooches from my stuf muffin
-Technology in the palm my hand
-Holding hands
-Singing songs with explicit lyrics
-Having many coats in many colors
-Buying new clothes
-Wii parties at the Wing Wesidence
-Random visits from old friends
-Lazy Sundays, particularly the sleeping in part
-Pedicures and Spa Chairs
-Photos from a Photobooth

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