Monday, January 11, 2010

If I Had a Million Dollars....

Today, our class started a new unit on money. I ♥ this unit...Not because I love money (honestly who doesn't enjoy having a little ki-zash,) but because the kids have an interest. They do love money. At the begining of the unit, all they can think about is how they would spend money if they had it, and how happy it would make them to have all of these things. By the end of the unit, they all begin to realize that money has little to do with all of the best and greatest things in their lives. Smart kids. 

One of the ways I like to 'kick off' the unit is to play the song "If I Had $1,000,000" by the Bare Naked Ladies We listen to the song. Then we listen for all the things that they buy in the song, like a house, furniture, a new car, a fur coat (but not a real fur coat, that's cruel) and the elephant man's bones. Luckily I just kinda brush over that one, and they don't seem too interested. Anyway.... after we write down all the things that the singers buy in the song, the kids get to write about what they would buy if they had a million dollars. Some of the things they come up with are hilariously awesome, "Miss Wing, can I afford a zoo?" "Um, can I get a library?" or "I want to build a spa in  my house, can I do that?"

In the spirit of the day, I have decided to make my list about what I would do with a million dollars. (Tax free of course!)

  • Pay off mortgage
  • Pay off student loans, and any other debt
  • Buy new hybrid vehicle (I'll splurge and get a sunroof!) 
  • Take all my friends and family on a trip to somewhere awesome, like Australia :) 
  • Buy new roof and flooring for my pretty house
  • Buy a pool for the backyard, hire pool boy 
  • Redo yard landscaping and paint house, hire lawn boy
  • Donate money to various charities 
  • Shop! (within reason, just like $10,000) 
  • Invest remaining $200,000 
How would you spend your money, if you had a million dollars?

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