Friday, January 8, 2010

I'll Give You $1: Episode 1

There isn't much I won't do for $1. It's not that I desperately need the money (it is only $1) but let's face it, in this economy, every dollar counts. I enjoy making people laugh and smile, even if it means making a fool out of myself. So... bring on the bills friends. Bring. Them. On.

Episode 1: Blue Ball

Happy Birthday Vicki Robinson! Today we celebrated Vicki's birthday at work with a ginormous Costco cake, featuring five even more ginormous balloons made purely of frosting. As I sat eating my lunch, I heard Vicki say "I'll give you a dollar to eat one of those balloons!" Of course, I could not pass up an opportunity like that. I used the spatula to scoop it up and it looked like a giant blue ball. *Please place inappropriate joke here.* Despite it's appearance I would keep my word. I slowly worked at it, as our lunch our ticked away, spoonful by spoonful. I even attempted to be polite and offer some of my blue ball(oon) to my coworkers, but no one partook in my sharing. Carol Goehring even gave me an extra dollar because she was so proud of me for finishing it. It was an awful lot of frosting, but worth every penny! Yum!

A picture of me posing with my yummy blue ball. Yes that is all frosting. :)

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