Monday, July 26, 2010

Edible Adventures: Red Velvet Cake

So I may (or may not) have an allergy to Red-Dye 40. And because this may make me itchy and rashy, I of course want to consume it. Red Velvet Cake was no exception. Having looked at alternatives to using Red Dye 40, and being unsuccessful, I decided to make it anyway. (Um, seriously, where do you find beet powder?!?)

After looking at a few recipes on and, I decided to go with the old stand-by --- the Joy Of Cooking. According the Joy of Cooking, Red Velvet Cake is simply a buttermilk cake, with a dash of cocoa powder, a whole mess of Red Dye 40, and cream cheese frosting.  After dinner Saturday night, I decided to make something new, and bust out a Red Velvet Cake.

My frosting was a little runny --- but it looked pretty, and once you cut a slice....

....really red

"I didn't like the cake part itself so much. It's hard to describe," said Aaron. "Its flavor was overpowered by the frosting."

My first words were "Where's the F&#$%(* chocolate?!?!"

Maybe next time, I should just make a chocolate cake.

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