Thursday, August 5, 2010

Adventures in Home Ownership: Windows!

After receiving my 2009 tax-rebate in February, I decided I should probably sink invest my cash back into my house. I looked into both a new roof and new windows. With a new roof being a bit too pricey for right now, and the fact that the federal government is offering a tax credit for qualifying window replacements, I opted for new windows.  (Then I spent said tax rebate and worked summer school to make-up for it, but I digress!)

After many bids, I decided to go with super energy-efficient Milgard windows from Cal Comfort Windows in Modesto. The salesman was very nice (and frequently addressed how awesome Albert was in all communications.) Plus, they were cheaper for the same product. So, there you go. 

Yesterday, two wonderfully nice gentlemen arrived to install my new windows. They replaced all of the windows in the house, and got started on the slider in the kitchen... 

Today they returned for the hard work! The biggest change is that I decided to replace my boring old bedroom window into a sliding glass door. (Long term plan: hot tub time machine! Okay, fine, a plain old hot tub seems more reasonable.)

Here are some photos of the transformation, start to finish!

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