Thursday, August 26, 2010

Adventures in Teaching: Kid Quotes

One great thing about sixth grade, you can totally mess with them and joke around with them, and they don't get "all butt-hurt." Two kids were sitting on the playground. Another teacher was harassing his student about whether the kid or his dogs were better. Here is a general transcript of the interaction:

T (Teacher): I don't know, I think my dogs might be better. I mean, they actually listen to me. If I ask them to sit, they sit. 
S1 (Student 1): Come on, we listen. Most of the time. 
T: Okay, maybe. But my dogs have tails. You don't have a tail, so my dogs are better. 
S1: Well, we kind of have tails. We have a tailbone, which started out as a tail.... but you know over time it became just the,uh, tail bone. 
S2 (Student 2): Dude, that's called revolution, you know humans came from other animals. That's, like, revolution. 
S1: Dude, I think you mean evolution. 
S2: Yeah, that's what I said, evolution.

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