Monday, September 13, 2010

Adventures in Boating with my Brother

Saturday afternoon, my family met my brother and his purdy new wife at Lake Berryessa for an afternoon of boating. And by boating I don't mean your average little rubber boat, ski-boat, or a leisurely little sailboat. No. Not *my* brother. Brother has a 1970's-looking-Miami-Vice-like boat. And it's got an engine in it. A big fast one.

Aaron and I had a fabulous time riding in and driving the boat. The best part was when Brother felt we were going too slowly, so he simply put his foot on the accelerator and floored it. It was pretty awesome.

Check out these awesome photos!

(Please note: Mom and Dad were there, too. I just didn't ride in the boat the same time as them, so I don't have any photos. I will be sure to take some next time!)

Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia! Chia Pet Island! 

Aaron driving the boat: the leisurely version! 

Kristina happily going around Chia Pet Island. Chillin' at a nice slow pace. 

Me and my purdy sister-in-law. KD! 

Aaron getting directions from Brother on where to go.
What you cannot tell is how freakin' fast we are going during this little conversation! 

Aaron was going a little too slow for Brother's tastes. 


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