Monday, September 6, 2010

Adventures in Capitola!

All summer I have been wanting to go to the beach. I just get these urges to feel the sand in between my toes. 

Aaron and I decided to take advantage of the beautiful three-day weekend, and head over to the coast for the day. We decided to explore the lovely city of Capitola, a small beach town neither of us had ever been to. The weather on the drive over was fabulous, plus I even managed to grade a few papers on the way. Once we had arrived, we realized it was Capitola's annual Begonia Festival.  We had arrived just in time to listen to a local band play as we walked the beach. As we walked the beach, we were able to check out the sand castles built for the morning's competition. Some of the designs were quite elaborate! I managed to sit and the beach and relax for a while --- which is exactly what was hoping for. We even stopped in at Margaritaville for a quick drink! Unfortunately it did get a bit cold... so we walked back to the car, got some gas (allowing ourselves to change clothes in the bathroom) and headed back down to the beach for some food. They were having a Movie Night at the Beach, which we contemplating staying for, until we realized that they were showing Mama Mia. (Sorry ABBA fans, seeing that movie once, was once too many times for me!) So we had a few slices of Pizza My Heart, and decided to head home.

Over all we had a wonderful adventure at the beach! Thanks to Aaron for the wonderful pictures! (I kinda used them without asking. Let's see if he notices.) 

Release the Kracken!
A rose by any other name.... 

"Mmm," says the shark. "Tasty mermaid with big ol' jugs!"

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