Saturday, October 9, 2010

Edible Adventures: So Much Food!

Okay, so we have had a lot of edible adventures since the last posting.... Here are the highlights:


Believe it or not, I had never made Sheesh-ka-bobs. So we decided to grill some veggies and meat on sticks. It was pretty darn tasty.

Special Brownies

After a 30-mile bike ride to the Modesto Farmer's Market, we had a whole mess of leftover zucchini. I was going to make some chocolate zucchini bread. So, I went online for a recipe -- only to have a surprising recipe for Zucchini Brownies pop up. Intrigued, and never having made brownies from scratch, I decided to give it a try. (The picture below isn't mine, I borrowed it from L.P.L., another user!)  Aaron liked them. I thought they were okay --- there was something a little off with the texture. And it was slightly disturbing to know how much zucchini was in there. I brought some of the brownies to work, and would not tell people what was in them until they tried it. No one really talked about loving it --- but no one really said, "No, thank you," either.

Grandma Ann's Meatloaf

Aaron had been asking for meatloaf for weeks. I finally gave in. We have a lot left in the freezer. We had a huge amount of ground beef. I thought it was a pound or so -- no, it was three pounds! We made two different meatloaves using Aaron's Grandma Ann's recipe, which he had received from his Mom.

Acorn Squash

During one of our weekly grocery trips, I spied (with my little eyed) this funky little squash. We bought it. We cooked it in the oven and then gussied it up with a bunch of butter and brown sugar. (Mmmm, melty butter and brown sugar!) Initially, I really liked it. Aaron did too. It tasted a lot like pumpkin. But then I got to a small little spot near the stem, and let me just say, that was not pleasant. So, don't eat the part right below the stem. Just sayin'.

Chocolate Mousse
Aaron and I had once before made a Mocha Mousse that was delicious. Aaron had been wanting to make it again, so he did! I had nothing to do with this one, folks. (It is super awesome to have a man that makes things!) He made the Joy Of Cooking's Chocolate Mousse recipe with Kahlua Liquor rather than espresso. It was wonderfully delicious and quite lovely. The homemade whipped cream was also fabulous, as was his presentation!

We cooked fish. Seriously... fish. And, I am pretty sure it was a fish that Aaron caught from the ocean. AND, I ate it. I should have taken a picture, but did not. SO... I drew a picture, so that you could have a visual. :)

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