Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Adventures: Christmas Tree 2010

The perfect Christmas tree? All Christmas trees are perfect! -- Charles N. Barnard 

For the first time, while living in my cute little house, I got a real Christmas tree. Aaron and I searched for a tree but were terribly disappointed at the ridiculously overpriced costs of a real tree at the first lot we arrived at. We decided to keep looking. And we did. At one more lot. There, we found the perfect tree at a very reasonable price, the only problem was getting it home. The very nice man at the tree lot stuffed the tree into the Prius like it was nothing. I snuggled up next to the tree in the back seat, and Aaron brought us both home safely. The tree was both beautiful and huge. 

Where is Aaron?
Decorating the tree in stages, we first put on brand new bright LED lights.

Albert looks suspiciously at the new LED lights on the tree. 
It wasn't until later (much later) that Aaron's mom, Kathy, helped me put the finishing touches on the tree. Doesn't it look beautiful? I have to admit, I was without a tree-topper. At one time I had a lovely Tinkerbell tree topper, but this year, we made do with something I found lying around the house. A penguin! I am in love.

My lovely tree...
with my happy penguin watching over us. 
Kathy helping me decorate the tree
(or rather pose for a photo looking like we were decorating the tree
because by the time I remembered to take pictures, we were done.)

Here are a few little pictures of some of this year's newest additions:

A happy little nutcracker ornament
gifted to the tree by Aaron's mom, Kathy Grove.
This little guy is one in a small collection hidden throughout the tree.  

Mom and I bought these adorable mickey shaped
ball ornaments on our last trip to Disneyland. 

This beautiful snowflake is made of walnut wood,
compliments of Aaron's mom, Kathy Grove. 

I bought this when Aaron and I went to Disneyland last month...
he is buying her presents. I like that. 

This beautiful Mickey ball opens up to hold any kind of special surprise.
I love how the light flickers off the glitter. 

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