Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Adventures: Hanukkah 2010

This year, as an homage to Aaron's family, I decided that we should celebrate Hanukkah. (Okay, I won't lie... I also liked the idea of eight nights of presents.)

Every night we lit the candles of the menorah, enjoying the beautiful flickers of light they provided.

This year our celebration culminated with a festive Latke Party on the final night of Hanukkah. The house was filled with the smell of fresh latkes frying on the stove (and super-tasty wings from Wing Stop compliments of Martin and Ashlie Freeberg!) Having never had latkes, I did not know what to expect, but they were delicious!

Mmmm, fresh latkes frying up for me! 
A fresh, hot latke, complete with both sour cream and applesauce. 
Aaron did a wonderful job of frying and serving our dinner as we watched videos of Hanukkah songs on YouTube.

Our Hanukkah guests, Ashlie and Martin Freeberg! 

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