Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Adventures in Eating Oreo Cookies

Did you know that today is Oreo Cookie's 100 birthday?!?

I thought today would be the best day ever to share with the world the best way to eat an Oreo Cookie. I know some people say you are supposed to twist off the chocolatey cookie part, followed by infinite variations of licking off the tasty cream center and eating the cookie part separately. Other people have various ritualistic ways of dunking their Oreos in milk. Me, I dunk mine...using a fork. That's right friends, a fork. I've been doing it for years. And now I am sharing my secret with the world.

Step 1: Buy yourself some delicious Oreo cookies.  My Oreo of choice is Double Stuf Oreos.

Step 2: Bring your cookies home and pour yourself a delicious glass of ice cold milk.

Step 3: Get a fork. Any fork will do.

Step 4: Plunge your fork into the creamy center of the Oreo. Be sure not to press too hard or the cookie will fall off the edge. It works best if the entire cookie stays together, one happy cookie sandwich family.

Step 5: Dunk your Oreo. There are various methods – I prefer dunking the whole cookie, some of my family members prefer dunking one half at a time. I say experiment and discover your own preference.

Step 6: Wait. You will see air bubbles rise up through the glass of milk. This is the air escaping the chocolatey cookie which is being replaced with milk. Once the bubbles become few and far between pull your cookie out of the milk and eat it!

Step 7:  Eat it!  Nibble it. Chomp it down in one big ol' bite. Whatever. It is your choice. You might have some tasty Oreo bits on the bottom of your glass, which makes for a tasty drink. So I say take a hearty gulp, but don't drink it all so you can...

 Step 8:...Repeat steps 4 - 7. ♥

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