Sunday, March 11, 2012

Photo of the Week: Week 10

Oh my gosh. This week has been insane!

Needless to say, these are not my best photos. But I will keep trying. Here are this week's photos for

3/5 - A Smile 
3/6 - 5PM
@ 5 PM I was playing on Pinterest,
waiting for my hubby to get home so we could go get our taxes done
& find out how much we owe Uncle Sam. ($1776 ironically)  
3/7 - Something you wore. 
I have worn everything in this closet in the last six months.
(If I don't I give it to Goodwill or sell it at a garage sale!) 
3/8 - Window
Looking our the front window, with Tink chillin' in view. 
3/9 - Red
I wonder how old those Jelly Belly beans are? 
3/10 Loud
She doesn't seem like she is anything but cute,
but hearing her open and close cupboards at 3:00 AM is loud and not cute
3/11 - Someone you talked to today
The back of my husband's head. He worked a lot on stuff today, too. 

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