Sunday, March 25, 2012

Photo of the Week: Week 12

So.... this week got kind of busy. I spent most of the time preparing my resume and getting ready to attend Saturday's Santa Clara County Teacher Fair. I decided not to stress, and I made a game of taking all the photos around the SJ house today.

3/19 Funny
We *thought* this would be funny.
Oh well. 

3/20 Before/After
White wall BEFORE, Warm Carmel wall AFTER

3/21 Delicious
What is more than delicious than ice cold thin mints, straight from the freezer? 

3/22 Kitchen Sink
Mmmm. Food and paint products, yum!

3/23 Moon
Isn't she beautiful? :)
Fine. I drew it in there because ...
I could not see the moon under the clouds.
I thought I was being pretty creative. 

3/24 An Animal
Eeeek! A Mouse in the corner of the house! 

3/25 Breakfast
This is our breakfast cupboard. Only...
This morning we went out for breakfast as prior to breakfast,
there was no breakfast in the breakfast cupboard.

Bonus Picture

Because who doesn't profess their love to their husband
while painting dining room walls and drinking champagne?
Seriously. Everyone does it. I am sure of it.