Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Adventures in DIY: A *Champagne* Cork Monogram

We have all seen the super awesome pin on Pinterest, where someone glues wine corks onto a store-bought letter and voila! It turns out awesome. But… I wanted mine to be just a little bit different. Having had a sparkling wine theme for our wedding, of course I wanted to make one out of our left over champagne corks.

Well that is all well and good when you can find the letter you are looking for! I searched high and low in about five different crafty-hobby-like stores and not one of them had a letter P that was larger than three or four inches. (There must be a wholelotta P people out there!) I figured since I couldn't buy the letter I wanted, I would make it. Plus I figure if I am going to make one, I wanted it to be big.

I started by buying some of that craft/foam/tagboard stuff. I used an overhead to trace a letter P onto it. I cut the letter using a box cutter. If you have ever used this foam boardy stuff before, you know it makes a mess, and the edges aren't exactly clean. So I suggest buying some white tape (duct or electrical will work, I found electrical.) Tape the edges of your letter so you have a clean edge to look at below your corks. (Please note: I learned the hard way and taped the edges after gluing corks. They didn't stick well. Learn from my mistakes — tape your edges before gluing!)

After that, my friends, you just start glue-gunnin' it.

I usually put a generous dot of glue under the cork, this held it directly to the foam board. I also decided to put a small dot of glue in between the corks, where they touched, for stability.

After gluing down all your corks, flip it over, attach some ribbon or another means of displaying your new cork letter, and put it out for all to enjoy!

And that is our lovely letter P, the first item of decor we displayed in our new home.

I will let you know this project is a lot easier (and less time consuming) when you can find a store-bought letter! I found a few letters to use as gifts as well. They are smaller, but equally as cute!

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