Monday, April 2, 2012

Photo of the Week: Week 13

March is over!! I can hardly believe it! Here are our last few days of #MarchPhotoADay. This week, I decided to take all the photos with my phone, a Motorola Atrix... which is why they are kinda funky shaped. I hope everyone had a wonderful month!

3/26 Key

3/27 Your Name
*Mrs. Plattner* 

3/28 Trash

3/29 Feet
Kitty paws are feet, right? 

3/30 Toy
Ruby and one of her toys.
Only, Ruby is not photogenic, unlike her human momma. 

3/31 Where You Relax
Okay, so I took this photo on 4/1. We meant to take this photo on 3/31, but we were rained out. 

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