Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Photo of the Week: Week 14

I was very excited when I heard Instagram was available for Android.* Many of my friends use Instagram on iPhone and absolutely love it. So, clearly, I needed to download this app ASAP. This week's photos are all taken using Instagram for Android.

Ruby kitty, sleeping on the couch

Husband, buying me a tasty coffee beverage

The sun shining its light on us as we head out on our travels.
I also like the juxtaposition off the fluffy cotton-candy clouds in front of the cotton-ball clouds.  

An open road! 

A carpet of cloud cover! 

Lovely Lady Liberty

I did not take this photo, my mom did. She sent it to me, and I thought it was so adorable I just had to share it.

Here is my Grandma holding her great-grandbaby Braden.

*Yes, I have heard that Instagram is being purchased by Facebook for ONE BILLION DOLLARS. That is an awfully huge amount of money. If Mr. Zuckerberg wants something to spend his money on, he can buy me something new. I really want some of the leopard print ballet flats from Toms. Size ten, please, Mr. Z.

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