Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Adventures in DIY: Drawer Pulls/Knobs as Purse Hangers

Desperately wanting to display my purse collection in my closet, I wanted a way to hang them directly on the wall. I could have used those resticky 3M hooky-thingys. I could have used hooks. But no. I wanted drawer pulls. Knobs. Whatever you call them, that is what I wanted. Up to this point, I saw several pins and posts of people using them as coat racks, and necklace holders. In each of those cases, the pulls/knobs were first mounted to a board and that board was displayed on the wall. I wanted my pulls/knobs protruding straight from my wall! So with a little ingenuity, a little bit of sweat equity, I got my purse hangers! 

Materials Needed:
Power Drill
Hacksaw (Or a Dremel tool if you are cool enough to have one.) 
Drawer Pulls/Knobs
Wall Anchors

We started out by using the hacksaw to hack off the head of the screws that came with my drawer pulls/knobs. If you have one of those super cool dremmel tools that can cut the head off the screw, well that would be awesome. But we had to make do with a hacksaw. It worked, it just took a while. Whereas I just held the screw with my hands and hacked, my husband found it easier to hold the screw with some pliers while hacking.

After beheading the screws, we drilled holes in the wall to hold our wall anchors, appropriate to the size of the wall anchor. Note: Be sure to purchase wall anchors that fit properly with the screws from the drawer pull/knob package. 

After drilling, we hammered in the wall anchor. 

Screwing the headless screw into the drawer pull/knob first, we then screwed that directly into the wall anchor. 

And the finished project made my heart happy. 

I also tried something new and linked this project to Hookin Up with HOH.


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