Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Adventures in Homeownership: Closet Transformation

Compared to many girls, my shoe collection really isn't that bad. But, I rarely wear what I do have because they were stuck in boxes and not visible. My goal was to change that.

We have a small closet in our master bedroom that I really wanted to use as a shoe and purse display. So for the past few days, I have gotten to work on my closet transformation.  

This is what I started with... 

Wanting something to diplay my shoes, I decided to go with a closetmaid 15-cubby organizer. Okay, two. I bought mine at my local Target, but you can get it just about anywhere. They were pretty easy to put together, but it did go much faster with two people. 

ClosetMaid 15-Cube OrganizerClosetMaid 24-Inch Horizontal Organizer

Okay, fine 30 cubbies turned out to be... well, not quite enough. So while browsing in Home Depot, I bought two closetmaid 24-inch horizontal organizers. They are just baby book shelves. Since all of the closetmaid products are designed to fit together, I was able to stack all four products together into one tower of shoe fabulousness. (Cue angelic musical flourish.)

But I still needed to display my purse collection. Oh, my purse collection. Sigh. I do love them, and they are so pretty, I wanted to display them so I bask in their beauty every time I opened the closet door. At first I thought I would just buy a few 3M hooks -- that would totally work. But it wasn't pretty enough. Then I had an epiphany. Currently, I hang my purse from my dresser drawer knob*, just to keep it out of the way. What if I used drawer pulls as hangers!?!? I have seen them used on Pinterest to hang frames, why not purses! Or course, all of the pins I could find put the knob onto a wooden board, and put those on the wall. I wanted the knobs to go directly into the wall. So, with a little ingenuity, we went to work. For more on how I did that... go here

After a little hard work, we put up four drawer pulls/knobs and now my pretty little closet features four of my purses. 

And just for a little more pizazz, here is a before and after photo:

*Okay -- Time for a poll! You know the little thingys that are an drawers or cabinets, and you pull them to get the drawer or cabinet open? What do you call them? Drawer pulls? Knobs? Please tell me! (My husband and I disagree as to the proper terminology.) Your comment/vote will be greatly appreciated!


  1. I call them knobs, but you knew that. :)

  2. I call them knobs, but I've heard both used. :) That's such a good idea to hang your purses on those, I always think regular hooks are hard on the straps. Good idea! --Elaine