Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Adventures in Homeownership: Saying Goodbye

On May 30, my pretty little Turlock house became someone else's pretty little house.

Saying goodbye to my home was just as difficult as saying goodbye to any departing friend or family member, maybe even harder. 

That house holds so many wonderful memories, it was so very difficult to leave. But...I know that this new adventure, and our fabulous new home in San Jose, will hold many more wonderful memories.

Goodbye,  pretty little Turlock House! 
The day I got the keys! 
Planted on the day I got the keys, 4.11.07.
The grapes fell down due to high winds!
Poor grapes. 
The Wing Family rebuilt the fence! :) 
My pretty little backyard with a new fence. 
Christmas decor at night, with my happy penguin!
My first dab of color -- the yellow dining wall. 
Broken lawn mower
-- can you tell where I broke the lawn mower?
My fabulous master bedroom, complete with brand new sliding doors,
and remarkably awesome striped wall! 
Goodnight moon, Goodnight house.

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