Sunday, May 27, 2012

Photo of the Week: Week 22

This week was super busy. At work we had a week full of activities, concluding our week with my last CF Staff/Sixth Grade Baseball Game. (I thought I took a photo, but I cannot find it!) I narrowly missed a line drive straight to my head, thank goodness I caught that ball! Friday, my parents came to CF and helped me pack up the last of my school belongings. I had a ton!  Saturday, the movers came. Moving Day was intense, but also exciting! 

Sunday, Aaron and I spent the day putting things away. 

The day started looking like this.... 

We had already started organizing that little room on the left Saturday night! 

And the day ended looking like this... 

Don't worry --- I will post more photos of the new house all decorated soon! ♥

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