Sunday, September 23, 2012

Photo of the Week: Week 39

Okay. I am not dead. Totally not dead. Just swamped, and LAME at posting photos. I did pretty well until, like, week 30 and then I just got behind.

I have all the posts.  Don't you worry. ;) Someday I will post them. But I decided rather than just add to the 'need to post list' I would actually post something.  Yay me!
This week was pretty normal. :) Highlights included:

I broke down and bought myself a desk pad. I know, totally 1989, but... I wanted pseudo-personal for pics and mementos.

Date Night. Aaron and I went to dinner with our super fab neighbors and then to see a local production of Anything Goes, starring our other fabulous neighbor!  (He stole the show as Evelyn!)

AND... to commemorate the first day of fall, I bought myself a pumpkin. Okay. I bought myself four lil' baby pumpkins.

I hope you all had a great autumnal equinox!
Oh, yeah, and I created this post on my phone.  NOT AN IPHONE 5. Just my old-school Atrix.

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